Telehealth technologies can help achieve healthcare’s “triple aim“ objective, of improving patient outcomes and access to care, and cost savings to the health care system. Telehealth provides valuable tools that can improve health outcomes and access to care and make delivery more efficient and cost-effective. Telehealth can deliver important medical services where they are needed most, and remove barriers of time and distance.

Up until recently few options have been available for providers, outside of utilization in specialty situations, or via competitive opportunities offering remote medical visits, that stripped the practice from servicing the patient. Patients had the opportunity to see a remote physician, but those physicians had no relationship to the practice, patient, and their service of care was not monitored by your practice.

AffiniCorp provides a Turn-Key, extremely affordable Telemedicine solution that offers the patient a remote experience that mirrors YOUR practice. Our solution is white labeled so patients see Your providers, Your Logos, and You deliver the care on Your schedule, maintaining YOUR continuity of care and practice standards.

In June 2014, the American Medical Association released a policy report outlining it’s stance that all types of medical services should be fairly compensated, whether delivered in person, phone, or electronically. They go onto state “face to face encounter could occur in person or virtually through real time audio and video technology.”
State Medicaid programs reimburse for some form of Telemedicine Live Video
States that currently have Parity Laws that require private insurance to reimburse for care delivered remotely
States that have Proposed and Pending Parity Laws
CPT code for providing CCM, which can be augmented via Telemedicine & video

Background Information

We can create healthier outcomes and improve healthcare economics by engaging with healthcare organizations.

AffiniCorp exists to create harmony between business and healthcare. Our unique perspective and solutions allow Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and hospital networks to empower their physicians.

Telemedicine is the utilization of modern telecommunications technology to provide remote, interactive healthcare services. Through nearly any web enabled computer, tablet, or smart phone, our telemedicine technology connects patients and healthcare providers in ways never before possible. AffiniCorp powered by SnapMD’s secure, cloud based VCM telemedicine platform is paving the way for more efficient diagnosis, treatment, and communication between healthcare providers and patients. Live, encrypted high-definition video, voice, instant messaging/chat, medical imaging, screen sharing and remote diagnostics are all a part of our telemedicine technology solution.

Telemedicine Delivered Your Way

Our Virtual Care Management telemedicine platform was designed specifically for healthcare providers. As such, a priority for us is continuity of care. Our technology is “integration ready” with a focus on flexibility. We will work with you to define the best integration strategy that meets your needs.

    • Individual and Family Accounts
    • Patient Profiles / Medical History
    • Manage Family Dependents
    • Parental Controls
    • Archived Consults
    • Patient Traffic Management
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Post Encounter Report
    • High-definition Video
    • Patient-to-Provider Chat
    • Web App Mobile Ready
    • Patient Side iOS and Android Apps

    • Private Label (Your Brand, our Tech)
    • ePrescribing
    • SOAP Note Documentation
    • Patient Routing
    • Capacity Management
    • Patient Population Database
    • Health Plan Verification
    • File Sharing
    • eCommerce Co-pay Processing
    • Patient Traffic Management
    • Institution Account
    • Physician, PA or NP Profiles
    • Access Past Consultations
    • Automated Patient Queue
    • Reporting and Assessments
    • Administrator Dashboard
    • Data Marts & Analytics Reporting

    • HIPAA and HITECH Compliant
    • Quarantined Data Environment
    • Load Balancing Tech
    • Firewall with IPS
    • Geo Location Redundancy

    • API and SDK Library
    • Sandbox Environment for Development
    • Export CCR Data Format
    • EMR Integration Ready
    • Peripheral Device Integration
    • Insurance Eligibility Verification
    • Rx Data Integration
    • CPT, ICD-9, ICD-10 and SNOMED encoding
    • Bulk Upload Patient Accounts
    • Store and Forwar

Configurable Solutions

The Virtual Care Management (VCM) platform is a configurable solution designed to scale with a growing business and clinical requirements. Integrated with external systems (EMRs, insurance verification, e-Rx, etc.) our technology delivers a powerful tool to healthcare providers that will extend their ability to reach patients and find appropriate efficiencies.

Our system extends the reach of providers by leveraging secure live video consultations between ambulatory patients and their primary care and specialty care physicians.

Ask Us About Case Uses

Telemedicine Designed with Primary Care in Mind

White-Label = Your Brand

No Competing Provider Network

Use Your Qualified Clinician

Browser Based Cloud-Software

No Special Hardware Required

Scheduled or On Demand Visits (Curb Urgent Treatment Visits)

What AffiniCorp can do for your practice!

AffiniCorp has partnered with Industry Leaders to provide solutions whether you are an ACO organization, independent provider, or Hospital system.

Our Primary Focus is helping physicians reduce their patient’s risk factors and improve their quality of life. Personalized Medicine is rapidly growing to become a large piece of the revenue containment strategy.

We understand that every practice’s and organizational’s needs are unique. We tailor our solutions to help you find the best fit between bringing services in house, and partnering opportunities.

With AffiniCorp you Gain a Resource, not just another ancillary service.

Our Promise

Turn Key Operations

Streamline Integration

Customized Support for Any Size Organization

Industry Experience

Complete Compliance Focus

Reserve your position now in this Healthcare Transformation!

  • 3 Key Drivers for Transformative Change:
    • Engaging the Patient
    • Aligning Care Delivery
    • Modernizing the Health System Infrastructure
    Not just another Ancillary Service…