Dramatically Increase Revenue and Optimize Patient Care

Healthcare physicians in all specialties rely on Laboratory Services to accurately diagnose, decide treatment, and optimize ongoing therapy.

Physicians rely on the services for early detection and ultimately to provide a higher standard of patient care and promote ongoing cost savings. However, many providers forgo the opportunity to keep their revenue in house. Fearing the additional strain and costs that can be involved. That’s where the “AffiniCorp Difference“ makes all the difference!

AffiniCorp has partnered with industry leaders and developed strategies to help your organization make the most of containing the revenue you are already producing in your ACOs, individual practices, or hospital groups.

A sample of our Laboratory Services:

  • Urine & Oral drug screening:
    Specializing in detecting prescription medications and illicit drugs allowing medical practitioners to make the best possible decisions regarding a patient’s care.
  • Laboratory Consulting:
    Consulting services for new or existing laboratories. Our team of specialists provide laboratories with a laboratory director, assist them with accreditation, and assemble the proper equipment
  • Pharmacogenetics:
    Providing molecular diagnostic testing and interpretive services to physicians, clinics and hospitals that want to bring the benefits of personalized medicine to their patients.
  • Full Genetic screening and testing services.
Safe, Effective Pain Management and Proper Prescription alignment is the only way to mitigate the risk and misuse.
of Patients that say they would pay for more Accurate treatment of pain
Cost in Billions to Public Health annually for Pain
of patients with gene variants that alter how they metabolize medications
CDC reported # of Deaths EVERYDAY caused by Prescription Painkiller Overdose


Whether it be Genetic or Toxicology Testing, We have CLIA, CAP, and COLA approved solutions.

We walk you step by step on determining the best solution for your organizational needs.

If you are prescribing any type of pain medication, Contact Us today, so we can help evaluate if you are prepared for evolving guidelines.

The American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians last year adopted guidelines requiring its 4,000 members to implement urine tests to determine if patients are already misusing drugs or are likely to do so. In addition, three other pain physician groups—including the American Pain Society—have endorsed drug testing for high-risk patients, while at least 10 states, including Kentucky and Washington, have recommended some level of testing.

100 Million Americans suffer from Chronic Pain each year, According to Institute of the National Academies.

Accurately testing and managing your patients on pain medications, via toxicology, is required each month 50% of all patients have genetic variances that could effect the way they metabolize medications, therefor altering a prescribed medications intended effect.

One Stop, End-to-End

AffiniCorp is your one stop, end-to-end solution for Laboratory Services.
We can develop a precise Revenue Containment Strategy for your specific needs.

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