“Regain Control, and fall back in Love with Healthcare.”

ACO Integration

The shift toward the accountable care organization model is requiring physician’s to reexamine how they collaborate with their health care partners to treat illness while focusing on long-term patient wellness. And because future reimbursement models likely will gauge overall patient health rather than individual services, physicians also must improve efficiency while reducing cost.

The ACO blueprint for success in a given market may vary based on the populations that providers are serving, physician baseline and other local factors.

That said, we have outlined four key considerations for effective clinical integration that physician thought leaders must address:

– linking care measures to reimbursements

– sharing patient data

– engaging with the ASP

– aligning with payers

AffiniCorp prides itself on being a Thought Leader in the “Health Care Business Intelligence“ space.


Revenue Containment Strategies

Having a Revenue Containment Strategy (RCS) is one of several key elements to a healthy, successful practice and AffiniCorp is dedicated in providing leading edge technologies and services to all of our client partners to help build the proper one for you.

We work closely with the physicians, office managers and key staff to triage areas where revenue is being sent out your door.

AffiniCorp will provide the practical integration of technologies and services that best fits your practice while retaining unforeseen lost revenue.


HIPAA/HITECH & Regulatory Compliance

Sorting through the many issues of risk and compliance can feel like a never-ending task. AffiniCorp is keenly aware of the extreme pressures of the ever-changing, complex compliance standards.

As a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the HITECH Act was passed. This legislation promotes adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) and introduces new security and privacy related requirements for organizations and their business associates under HIPAA—which in the case of a data breach, includes notifying the affected individuals and the media.

Failure to comply with HIPAA or HITECH may not only result in regulatory actions, such as fines, but also in potential losses via lawsuits, damage to reputation and loss of the public’s trust.

With AffiniCorp’s strategic partners, we offer a full depth and breadth of services to help you address HIPAA/HITECH and overall Regulatory compliance. We will assist you in developing policies, procedures and management frameworks to achieve regulatory compliance.


Revenue Cycle Management

Billing in a practice is one of the key pillars to a strong Revenue Containment Strategy (RCS). With our strategic partners, we have developed a team of billing and coding experts that can tailor fit a protocol to our client’s specific requirements.

The efficiency to provide impeccable service at competitive pricing is what sets AffiniCorp apart. Our team understand that Denial Management is a key component to your success as well as the EHR/EMR and PMS integration.

We stay on top of an ever changing industry and our partnerships build trust with long lasting value.


Medicare Optimization

The rapidly increasing Medicare population, combined with new regulations has escalated the demand for a fundamental shift in how this challenging demographic is treated in the Health Care environment.

AARP and CMS has stated that Medicare patients will grow to over 79 million people by 2030, nearly doubling its current percentage of the population. And the program will see an increasing number of beneficiaries entering with multiple chronic conditions.

The increase in chronic conditions among the future Medicare population can be expected to drive more spending increases. This is primarily driven by advances in technology and more patients entering with more numerous and complicated chronic conditions. Future sustainability will rely on solid systems in place to properly care and absorb this growing population.

AffiniCorp and it’s strategic partners are at the forefront of this potential epidemic. Our solutions help you drive income ethically in line with CMS policies, providing a thorough continuity of treatment, which most importantly improves the overall quality of life for your patients.


Ancillary Services

AffiniCorp understands the challenges of properly caring for your patients in this tough economic environment and medical culture. We provide a full array of ancillary services to satisfy your clinical and revenue needs.

Our Healthcare Consultants will assist you in your quest to successfully run your medical practice and ensure that it remains viable by providing a full array of modalities to satisfy your clinical and revenue needs.

Adding these services takes a great deal of time and planning; however, successful implementation will allow you to realize the patient care you desire while adding additional revenue streams to your bottom line.

“Gain a Resource, Not just another Ancillary service”


What We Believe

Affinity is a relationship, an understanding. Under the right circumstances, a Force with a Structural Plan.

AffiniCorp believes Healthcare and Business CAN live together harmoniously. No longer do they have to live on opposite sides. Our unique perspective, and solutions allow ACO organizations to Empower their physicians.

We Believe we have created a perfect merger of optimized patient care with increased revenues. A true one touch system that allows physicians to Regain Control, and fall back in Love with Healthcare.