Carrie Nixon, Esq – ACO Integration and Legal Compliance
Healthcare Solutions Connection, LLC

Beau J. Handy, CFP, CFS – Finance
Guidance Capital Management Group, LLC


We can create healthier outcomes and improve healthcare economics by engaging with healthcare organizations.

AffiniCorp exists to create harmony between business and healthcare. Our unique perspective and solutions allow Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and hospital networks to empower their physicians.

With optimized patient care and efficient support systems designed to drive revenues, Affinicorp offers a true single-source solution that enables healthcare providers to regain control and the passion for healthcare.


Affinicorp aims to change the face of healthcare by deploying cutting edge technologies and utilizing strategic partnerships, effectively improving financial performance and equipping healthcare providers with the means to offer personalized patient care.


Improved health is our highest purpose

With our partners we are leading the evolution of health care

With our partners we are improving the economics in health care

We foster passion and reach beyond the obvious

We treat all our partners and each other with care and respect

We enjoy our mission, our work, and all of our colleagues

We embrace compliance and regulation as important public protections

Real progress takes time, patience and a long-term perspective

  • Regain control
  • Reclaim your time
  • Retain your revenue
  • Renew your passion
As conversations about health care rise and fall in the public eye, AffiniCorp continues to work toward improved care delivery, quality, and cost-effectiveness in the health system space.

We focus on three key drivers of transformative change: engaging the consumer, aligning care delivery, and modernizing the health system infrastructure. To help offer a broad perspective and cultivate deep relationships throughout the health system, we’ve assembled a collaborative executive team that brings extensive leadership experience and business acumen to the clients we serve.

Our leaders set our strategic agenda so we can collaborate effectively with our industry partners and provide solutions. Equally important, our leaders share a common goal: to help make the health system better for everyone.

Our clinical integration solutions support physician alignment so you can boost ancillary business productivity, drive workflow efficiency, and improve the clinical experience for patients. This can result in increased orders from participating physicians while streamlining the vendor strategic partnerships.