Louisville, Kentucky and Seattle, Washington


AffiniCorp: Gene Gilchrist, CEO, 502-681-6964
Genelex: Howard Coleman, Founder, 206 714-6393

AffiniCorp, LLC, an innovative health care solutions company based in Louisville and Genelex, a national leader in pharmacogenetic testing based in Seattle, announced today their agreement to bring personalized medicine to AffiniCorp’s customers, other physician practices, health systems, employers, and individuals as an important part of its programs to advance value based health care.

“There is extraordinary and unnecessary waste in health care today from ineffective and sometimes toxic prescribing of pharmaceuticals”, according to Cory Clark, Founder and President of AffiniCorp. Today 40% of the elderly and 11% of the overall population are taking five or more drugs. In many cases these patients are on a drug that will not work, is prescribed in the wrong dose, or may even cause harm. Every year in the U.S. there are approximately 8.6 million adverse drug events (ADE’s), 2.2 million severe, resulting in costs of $136 billion and over 100,000 deaths. One in five hospital deaths are estimated to be the result of an Adverse Drug Event. “Pharmacogenetic testing and medication therapy management \will make serious and substantial inroads towards reducing unnecessary, costly and tragic outcomes”, said Clark.

A pioneer in DNA testing since 1987, Genelex focuses exclusively on DNA testing for personalized prescribing. “Backed by a powerful combination of innovative analytics technology, high-throughput laboratory facilities and expert staff, Genelex has longstanding experience in the prevention of dangerous and life-threatening adverse drug events (ADEs)”, said Howard Coleman, Founder of Genelex. “We have the best pharmacogenetic science and technology and are pleased to be allied with AffiniCorp to help more patients get better faster.”

Both Clark and Coleman noted that the inclusion of a detailed reporting system is a key to improved patient outcomes. Clark noted that “AffiniCorp has a broad-based program to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs and the addition of the science at Genelex is a major enhancement to those aims.” Genelex’s reporting system moves beyond looking for interactions between just two drugs, as other systems do, and takes into account the multiple interactions between all the drugs a person is taking and their DNA. “Our unique, patented approach puts patient safety first – saving lives, saving money, and reducing readmissions” added Coleman. Coleman noted that in a recent study, readmissions were reduced by 40% and savings of over $4,300 were achieved in just sixty days for a group of home health patients. Clark referenced a recent pilot managed by AffiniCorp where on average patients were discovered to be taking four prescribed drugs that were either not working or actually causing harm to the patient.

AffiniCorp is a “single source solution” for practice integration, ancillary, and infrastructure services to assist independent physicians and health care networks. Leading with first class and leading edge laboratory testing, and including a comprehensive suite of services, AffiniCorp’s goal is to partner with practice organizations, employers and commonweal organizations to assist them and care providers to regain control of their health care practice and focus on clinical activities that will improve patient and community health outcomes, improve health care economics and provide a greater economic return to their organization.

Genelex is a pioneer in comprehensive medication clinical decision support and pharmacogenetic testing. Genelex testing services are used by healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, clinical researchers, managed and accountable care organizations. Genelex’s clinical decision support tool is the only commercially available medication management system to assess the cumulative effect of a patient’s genetics and entire drug regimen. Founded in 1987, Seattle-based Genelex is one of the first clinical laboratories to provide pharmacogenetic testing and interpretation.